I’m Jen, the creator of Dream Prague.


I’m a native Californian who’s lived in Prague with my husband and Ukrainian rescue dog, Tobik, for the last 11 magical years.

In my American life, I worked in graphic design and law. As many native English speaking expats do, I started out life in Prague an English teacher—I’ve taught hundreds of Czechs at all levels. Those relationships and conversations fostered a love an appreciation in me for Czech culture, and for the history of this amazing city.

I’ve also spent years helping American expats in Prague to find accommodation, improve their teaching skills, get visas, deal with Czech bureaucracy and adjust to life in Prague. Every time my husband and I figured out how to do something in Prague, like get a masters degree, permanent residency, or even a parking permit, we’d feel enormously proud or ourselves. Sometimes just being an immigrant is a full-time job! Then we wanted to share our knowledge with other expats.

So, in the beginning, Dream Prague was focused on sharing what I’d learned as an immigrant here, to make their journey a little easier.

Then something wonderful happened.

Czechs started to watch my videos, give me tips on places to visit, correct my pronunciation, and express their interest in an outsider’s perspective on their culture. We started a dialogue in the comments, and I found myself digging deeper and deeper into Czech history and culture. And that’s what I share with you on Dream Prague.