Dream Prague & Co Travel Guides

Don’t get stuck in the tourist traps!

Let us show you the Prague that quenches our thirst, fills our bellies and inspires our souls.


Prague for Dreamers

Get lost in Magical Prague! In this guide, we show you the secret, serene and inspiring places that make this city our favorite place to live.

👯‍♀️ Local expert and Prague native @vegan.radka and I have teamed up to bring you 4 x 1/2-full day itineraries of the hidden gems that most tourists miss.

This experience is perfect for a romantic trip 💑 or a solo adventure 🙋‍♀️ to the City of 100 Spires. Every cafe, bar, outdoor stroll, English bookstore, restaurant or vegan eatery was carefully curated for the traveler who values inspiration over a check-list of overcrowded tourist traps.


Prague for Local Foodies

If you're looking for the tastiest food in Prague made by exceptional chefs and dreamt up by the most passionate owners, then this is the guide for you! You won't find droves of tourists at these spots—but mostly locals visiting their favorite places for delicious dishes.

👯‍♀️ I’ve teamed up with local food expert @vanessa.eats.prague to share our favorite eateries with you!


Prague for Beer Lovers

Ditch those touristy pub crawls and sample some of the finest beers 🍺🤌 Czechia has to offer—in the pubs where we locals actually drink!

It’s no secret that Honza and I love Czech beer, but our love does not stop at the classics you might be familiar with. Come with us to centuries-old brewery pubs for a independent brews and delicious Czech specialties. We’ll bring you to microbrew pubs serving a dizzying array of inventive varieties. And of course, we wouldn’t want you to miss the beer gardens, with some of the most beautiful views Europe has to offer.


Prague like a Local (Essential FREE Guide)

If you want to experience Prague like a local, you can leave the tourists behind with our ultimate insider's guide!

In this guide, you'll learn:

🏁 1. The Basics - Local currency and helpful travel apps ✈️ 2. Traveling to and from Prague by plane, train, bus, or car 🏢 3. What to expect in various Prague neighborhoods 📍 4. The main Prague sights 🚋 5. How to get around the city on public transportation 💬 6. Audio guide for essential Czech phrases 🍲 7. Tips on ensuring the best dining experience 🏨 8. Hotel recommendations