Hodina s Radkou o…arašídech? 🤔🥜🤣

Hodina s Radkou o…arašídech? 🤔🥜🤣


Today’s teacher: Radka


Radka is a Prague-based Czech, and teacher of English. She is the most fluent English-speaking Czech I have every met and an excellent Czech teacher when I coerce her into teaching me her native language. 😂 We both graduated from The Language House teacher-training school here in Prague so I know her methods are 💯! She develops English-language curriculum and runs camps for English-learning kids.

Find Radka here.

🎯 Lesson Goals

My goal for any lesson with Radka is become more fluent in Czech. She’s a very well-trained teacher who knows when to give the studenty room to explore and make mistakes and when to correct them. Even though we started out this lesson speaking about Czech Christmas traditions, it quickly segued into American’s love of all-things “peanut.” 🥜❤️ That’s the best thing about having a private lesson with a well-trained teacher—the lesson can go down any path and you can still learn a ton!


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