F45 Training Prague Collaboration

Hello Katya & Adam! 👋

Since you both mentioned you are looking to expand F45 Training Prague’s reach in the expat market here in Prague, I would like to propose a collaboration with my YouTube / Instagram channel Dream Prague.

Dream Prague’s content is focused on the expat experience here in Prague, Czechia. A collaboration with F45 Training Prague would be very appealing to my audience—particularly because I attend your gym as an expat myself and love it! 😉

Because I find F45 Training Prague to be a great value to me personally, and because you are new owners that I hope succeed, I can propose that as payment I would accept membership months at F45 Training Prague in place of monetary payment.

We are not usually able to accept “product/service” as payment but due to the fact that my assistant Radka, my husband Honza and I all attend F45 Training Prague, we’d be happy to do this work in exchange for product/service.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Warm regards,

Jen Preston


Who is the Dream Prague audience?


78 000 Subscribers

13 000 000 views

68% located in Czechia

AGES: 25-34 (27%) 35-44 (23%)


~10 000 Followers

164 000 impressions per month

67% located in Czechia (32% in Prague)

AGES: 25-34 (39%) 35-44 (26%)

Other Dream Prague Sponsors

We have a great history of working with international and local brands. Many of our sponsors are Prague-focused and all of them choose Dream Prague because they wanted to access the multi-national, english-speaking market here in Prague.


Additionally we have partnered with restaurants and festivals to help promote local events.

🎯 F45 Campaign Aim

👉 To bring local awareness to F45 Training Prague in order to gain long-term customers

👉 To attract the expat community here in Prague to attend F45 Training Prague

Dream Prague’s Contribution

Through videos posted on the various Dream Prague social media platforms, we would create a campaign to bring awareness to F45 Training Prague.

We would highlight:

🌟 F45 offers classes both in Czech and English

🌟 F45 has trained professionals to guide you in your workouts

🌟 F45 offers various classes with a focus on “circuit” training (whole-body, cardio & strength)

🌟 F45 is suitable for all levels (from beginners to advance athletes)

🌟 F45 is located in central Prague (easy to access)

🌟 My personal experience with F45

*Anything else you would prefer to be highlighted

Sponsor’s Contribution

🤝 It would be necessary for Dream Prague to have access to the F45 Training Prague facilities and classes for recording videos and obtaining photos. Additionally Dream Prague would request to conduct short interviews with willing F45 clients. This will most likely require two 1/2 days of filming at F45. The gym and your clients will be given linked credit in any Dream Prague content, if required.

🤝 Communication with the staff for marketing and social media purposes

🤝 Access to any branding guidelines of F45 and high resolution logos for use in advertising


This would be a single month-long campaign to bring awareness to F45 Training Prague.

End-of-Month Deliverable

At the end of the month (4-week project), Dream Prague would deliver:

• Four short videos (30-60 seconds) to be placed on Dream Prague’s YouTube (YT), Instagram (IG), and Facebook (FB) channels—one to be posted 4 times per month (once per week)

• One 2-minute ad in full length (10-15 minute) Dream Prague YT Video—to be posted once

☝️The timing of these short videos, the video ad, and static posts ensure that F45 Training Prague have a presence on Dream Prague platforms every single week over the month.


We find that consistent publicity produces the best result for our sponsors (multiple ads over a period of time) because it helps the viewers grow to trust the brand after they see how I engage with it over several weeks or months.

As I mentioned, we would be able to propose a in-kind exchange for F45 Training Prague instead of monetary payment. See our regular pricing and the F45 Training Prague ✨special offer ✨ below.

F45 Training Prague Month-long Campaign offer:
Video short placed on YT, FB & IG
4 x 4 500 Kč = 18 000
18 000 in equivalent membership
2-minute ad placed in full YT video
1 x 20 000 Kč = 20 000
20 000 in equivalent membership
DREAM PRAGUE TEAM OFFER FOR F45 IN MEMBERSHIP FEES: 38 000 in equivalent membership

The proposed offer includes:


🔹 Video concept & development

🔹 Scriptwriting

🔹 Filming & Crew

🔹 Animation

🔹 Editing


🔹 Placement on Dream Prague channels

  • YT: 78,000 👁️
  • IG: 10,000 👁️


🔹 Use of Dream Prague content on @f45_training_prague1 social media

I’m happy to talk in person and answer any questions you might have.

I look forward to hearing from you!

😊 Jen

📲 +420 775 345 721

📩 hello@dreamprague.com