Step 1: Understand the Schengen zone


If you are not an EU Citizen, you need to familiarize yourself with the Schengen Zone (where Czech Republic is located) because it affects your visa and your ability to travel within Europe.

Bottom line up front: if you plan to move to the Czech Republic, your 90-Day tourist visa starts as soon as you touch down in the Schengen Zone—be it Barcelona, Paris or Amsterdam. This will have some impact on your Long-Stay visa (year-long) application.

Watch the video below to find out why.

Every third country nationality (every non-EU country) has a different legal relationship with the Schengen Zone. Some are allowed to enter by virtue of their passport, and some require a 90-Day Tourist visa application. You can check on this website to see if your nationality is automatically granted a 90-Day tourist visa, or if you must apply for that Tourist visa from your home country.