STEP 2: Know your Grammar

I speak—therefore I can teach?

Not so fast.

As a native English speaker you’ve been honing your English language skills since birth. You shouldn’t have a problem teaching English, right?

Well, consider this question: “How hard could it be to repair a car? I’ve been driving cars for years!”

Imagine sitting across from your English as a Foreign Language student as his grammar mistakes ping your finely tuned ears. You offer gentle corrections, instructing him on the proper way native speakers express themselves in English, then lean back and sip your espresso, satisfied you’ve done your job.

And then your student asks, “But, WHY do you say it that way?”

“Because we just do” is not the answer he has hired you to give.


The truth about TEFL

Even the most comprehensive TEFL courses will not teach you English grammar from the ground up. You will be expected to have familiarized yourself with tenses, parts of speech, and much more.

A typical TEFL course schedule will devote only a few hours in the entire 4-week program to reviewing grammar. (There simply isn't enough time in the program to teach you all the grammar you're expected to know.)

So how do they expect you to pass that grammar exam at the end of the course? Or to teach your first class?


Don’t panic!

We've created the English Grammar for TEFL Online Course just for you. And as a thank you for taking this course, we're giving you a 50% off discount at the link below.

The course has over 30 videos, quizzes, and 150+ digital flashcards so you can feel confident in your grammar skills and show up on your first day of TEFL prepared and ready to teach.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn in the course: