STEP 3: Get your internet

Outsource this nonsense.

No seriously—if you can help it, get a flat contract that comes with internet included, just like gas, electricity and water. Even if you have to pay extra for it.

Internet providers (O2, UPC, Vodafone, t-mobile are a few) claim to have English-speaking installers but they do not. If you have a problem with your internet, it's better to have the local Czech landlord on the case than to try to solve it yourself.

Prague has very good internet, you shouldn't worry about teaching online and connectivity issues. If you do notice that your internet is slow, ask your landlords if you can pay for a higher-speed connection.

Jedeme dál (moving on...)

Okay in the last section we're going to get REAL about language learning, and I'll give you my tips for mastering (um, did I say mastering? I meant MANAGING) the Czech Language, and some shortcuts to make your Prague experience that much better.

See you there!