How America saved (lost?) Czechoslovakia

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Ahoj Všichni!

To be honest, military history is not my thing. But what fascinates me in is these random moments that could have changed the fate of millions of people.

🤔 What if Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s driver hadn’t taken a wrong turn in Sarajevo? No WWI?

🤔 What if Hitler had gotten into the Vienna school of art? No WWII?

I was reading a book a couple of years ago about something unrelated and it said something along the lines of: If only the Americans had liberated Prague, the Czechs wouldn’t have fallen into communism.

Say what??

That had me totally intrigued, and knowing little about Czech history at that particular moment, I didn’t see how the two could be connected.


On the Edge of the Cold War by Igor Lukeš was a fascinating read on the topic, mainly chapter 4 addresses this. It goes on to lay a lot of the blame on the American Ambassador in Prague ‘45-’48. That could be a video in itself, we’ll see.

The Prague Uprising is a fascinating topic that I would like to dive deeper into, but unfortunately time was limited in an already 18 minute video. I encourage you to learn more about it!

Jen, Lauren Sabet, U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic
Jen, Lauren Sabet, U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Bijan Sabet, Radka Čejková

Years ago, I had attended the liberation convoy here in Prague at the U.S. Embassy. Many of the embassy staff were in fantastic 1940’s costumes. So this year, we decided to join in! We rented costumes from Barrandov Studios, the “Hollywood” of the Czech Republic. That was an experience in itself.


Radka is my good friend and the newest addition to the Dream Prague Team. She sweet-talked the Colonel into giving us a ride in the parade. He was such a nice gentleman (they all were!) and I couldn’t have enjoyed such lovely conversations without Radka’s Czech help.


This week at Dream Prague

Honza and I are headed to Ireland! Galway, as my sister and I call it, is our fatherland—birth place of our great Grandfather.

When you ask an American where their family is originally fun, it’s a usually fun exercise in geography: “Well I’m 1/4 Spanish and 1/8 Argentinian and 1/8 Swedish and I think I have about 1/16 native American. Not sure about the rest.”

When you ask a Czech “Where are your people from” the response is usually a confused stare and then “Kladno” or some neighboring village. Not much of a market in these parts for DNA mapping services.

One thing is pretty standard in America, though. Everyone has a little Irish in them. ☘️. So off we are to the Emerald Isle to find the rest of our Preston clan!