KRÁLOVEC! Czech Republic by the sea!

Ahoj Všichni!

This odd (but hopefully enjoyable) 4-minute video was conceived of over beers at one of our neighborhood haunts in Prague 2, NuBeer. The video relied very heavily on a meme that was going around the Czech-o-sphere at that time. We wrote, filmed and edited the entire thing in 2 and a half days which is unheard of.


Honza had caught wind of the Kralovec meme on Twitter and said “you should do a Kralovec video!” And then he proposed I do it in character. I groaned. The idea was so good, I couldn’t say no.

If you’re not aware, the Czechs have an irreverent and somewhat dark sense of humor. No topic is too dark. So as DarthPutin held a referendum in areas of Russian-controlled Ukraine, the Czechs decided to do the same in Kaliningrad (Kralovec), which had, in fact, once been part of Bohemia.


Obviously, the only Czech to be disappointed about gaining some beach front territory was our dear Podoli. Until Kralovec came along, Podoli had been the Czech Republic’s Epicenter of Aquatic Lifestyle! But how is she supposed to compete with real yachts?? Well, even if the Czechs stop visiting her riverside, at least she’ll still have her beloved nutria.