My Czech Citizenship Plea

Ahoj Všichni!

So, if you’re familiar with my videos, you know that Mrs. (ahem) Bulšitová has been my nemesis since I first went into a government office. And now I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to gain her stamp of approval for my citizenship application! 😳 What’s a girl to do? Put forth my most persuasive argument, that’s what!

When I first conceived of this video, I thought I would film all the scenes. I got as far as driving to a forest to get some b-roll of me sniffing mushrooms for a 5-second clip. And then I thought: this is going to take too much work.


So then I decided to make life easier on myself by animating the video! First I had to learn how to animate. 😂 😭 🤬


I took a course on Skillshare on how to use Adobe After Effects, and then decided: I’m now an animator! Boy did I have a lot to learn. In the end, it would have been faster to just drive to Montenegro to shoot the actual footage of villagers sunbathing! But, I learned some new skills in the process, and I’ve already used my new animation skills in subsequent videos.

In real life, Mrs. Bulšitová’s helpfulness and efficiency has dramatically improved in the 11 years I’ve been here. It probably helps that I can communicate a little in Czech. One Czech man took the time to write me to tell me that it is very offensive that I named her Mrs. Bullsh*t and that she will deny my application. I feel bad that he did not inherit the Czech humor gene. I hope if the person who eventually reads my application has seen this video, she will know—I kid because I love. 😻 Why else would I have a photo of her on my wall?


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