The Most Important Czech Women

Ahoj Všichni!

You know what’s crazy? I had never even heard of International Women’s Day before I moved to the Czech Republic. First, it’s not so celebrated in the United States, but second, it’s really not celebrated by the Catholic church—and I spent most of my years in Catholic schools. What a pity! I guess there’s the feeling that somehow acknowledging women’s accomplishments and progress and devil-may-care attitudes might encourage them to put shoes on and leave the kitchen? I jest. Or it could be because the holiday had socialist roots? We tend to frown on that in America.

I often get messages from my Czech male friends on International Women’s Day, what a lovely thing!

One woman I left and (and you guys noticed!) was Madeleine Albright. She always held a special place in my heart and I felt like I could do a whole video about here in the future, which I will.

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